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Losing your hair early sucks...

but It’s not too late to strike back.

Losing your hair early sucks

Losing your hair early sucks...

but It’s not too late
to strike back.

Understanding the Journey: Hair loss can sneak up unexpectedly, often 

leaving you feeling like you’re battling against time. But here’s the good news - the earlier you address it, the better the results. Our cutting-edge hair restoration techniques are designed not just to halt hair loss but to reverse it.


Day 1 | Arrival

Your journey begins with a warm welcome in Istanbul. After we pick you up from the airport, you'll settle into your comfortable accommodation and meet with our team for a blood test. This day is all about preparation, understanding your goals, and laying the groundwork for the transformative days ahead. Afterwards you’re free to explore the city of Istanbul!



Day 2 | Treatment

Elithair Pre-Test System

The morning starts with a comprehensive hair analysis using the advanced TrichoLAB scanner. This is complimented by an ultrasound examination of your scalp to assess the health and condition of your hair and follicles. Our experts then skillfully design your new hairline, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with your natural features and aesthetic goals.


Day 3 | Quality

Our team will wash your transplanted hair for the first time, and you will receive all the important aftercare products and medication you will need to combat any potential side effects.

Of course, you will continue to be looked after by our teams until your hair eventually grows back. With the Elithair App you can keep us updated on your progress.

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