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Stress Effort ( Treadmill) Test

Stress Effort ( Treadmill) Test

Stress Effort ( Treadmill) Test

Stress effort test is a test applied for to evaluate the presence of cardiovascular diseases, determination of the effectiveness of treatment of a known cardiovascular disease, detecting whether irregularity in the heartbeats, in other words arrhythmias are occurring or not during effort, to examine the effort capacity of the patient in various heart diseases, to test the effect of effort on blood pressure in patients with hypertension and to determine the operation time in valvular heart diseases.

During effort stress test, the patient walks on a treadmill. Speed and the tilt of the walking is adjusted by doctor and increase of heart beats are provided. Treadmill test is a test which is performed by serial ECG recordings and measurements of blood pressures technique while the patient is walking on treadmill with certain speeds. It provides to detect the abnormal findings after effort which cannot be detected during resting ECG.

Stress effort test requires a specialist doctor from beginning to the end.

Stress effort test provides great convenience for the early diagnosis and treatment of the cardiovascular diseases. Its result is given just after the test. While coming to Stress (Treadmill) Test Appointmant; Eat a light meal 3 hours before the test, then afterwards you can drink a few amount of water if you need however do not eat.

Please bring your previous ECG’s along with you.

Male patients should have chest shaving.

Female patients better to wear two pieces of clothes.

Your doctor may ask you to stop some of your medications before the stress test.

Please ask this to your doctor.