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Hair Transplant and Plastic Surgery

It is very important to restore self-confidence to a person. We use years of experience to give our clients full hair transplant counselling, and offer different solutions for your needs.

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Obesity Surgery

Obesity simply caused by higher calorie intake than you consume. But infact this is much more complicated than this.

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Dental Services

Providing the best complete dental care, where only the very highest standards in modern dentistry are implemented for our clients. We strive to suggest  the most advanced dental treatments to cater for you needs and medical care.

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What we do


With the prolongation of human life, the possibility of encountering many health problems has also started to increase. However, with the developing technology...

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One of the most important problems to be solved before going to another country for treatment is the solution of the transportation problem. Using buses and taxis can easily go to many places in Turkey.

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Turkey has a large number of historical, cultural and tourist attractions is a country worth seeing. There are many hotels that serve as accommodation really above world standards.

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